H.M. the Queen’s Birthday

08 Aug 2011

Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s Birthday is on August 12. The day is also celebrated as Mother’s Day in Thailand. The Queen is much respected by Thai people. Her maternal care for the people and her devotion to improve their welfare and well-being have earned her the honor of being “Mother of the Land”.

Every year on August 12, ceremonies to honor Her Majesty the Queen are held nationwide by government offices and private establishments alike. Honoring the Queen, motherhood and maternal bonds, is an essential part of these public events and activities, to show gratitude for her benevolence and in recognition of the good work she has been doing for her people.

Throughout the long years as Queen Consort of His Majesty King Bhumibol, the longest reigning monarch in the world, the Queen has been a working royal sharing the King’s burdens and responsibilities by assisting him tackle the country’s complex problems. Her efforts and achievements, mainly humanitarian, focus on helping the poor majority in rural areas, on natural and environmental conservation, wildlife preservation, and in particular on special home industries as vital supplements to low rural incomes benefiting rural un-employment especially among the women.

Very remarkable are Her Majesty’s patronage and development projects in the provinces that have successfully revived and perpetuated the very rich legacy of folk arts and traditional crafts, an important part of the local Thai culture. The revival and promotion of ancient craft treasures and their complexity include basketry, rattanware, wood carving, woodwork, neiloware, silver work, gold work, crafted jewelry, crafted handbags, clay doll making, artificial flower work, and many more. These works of art are our pride.

State and private agencies organize formal ceremonies to mark the Queen’s birthday, whereas the more general public celebrate the happy time by doing charitable activities that are dedicated to her including religious ceremonies, community services, and donations. And in homes, it is a day for a family reunion.

On this very auspicious occasion, may we humbly present to our Queen a bouquet of white, fragrant jasmines, and wish her a long, happy, and healthy life.


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