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Royal Duties


Princess Chulabhorn has been recognized as a qualified scientist, most outstanding in Chemistry. 

Throughout the years, she has gained international recognition and acclamation for her scientific achievements with many of the world ‘s most distinguished science awards. In Thailand, she is well loved and respected as the “Princess of Science “ due to her hard work and personal commitment to contribute to 

the country ‘s development through her scientific knowledge and expertise and by playing an active, 

leading role in supporting the progress in science and promoting science research aimed at improving the quality 

of life of the Thai people, most significantly in the areas of medicine, public health, and environmental management.

To address the problem of shortages of medical and public health personnels, and the needs for 

their academic research supports, Her Royal Highness initiated the Chulabhorn Foundation, which actively has been involved in supporting the application of science and technology for better living standards of the people 

and sustainable development of the country. To achieve these goals, she founded several institutes including 

the Chulabhorn Research Institute, the Chulabhorn Graduate Institute, the Chulabhorn Cancer Center and 

the Chulabhorn Royal Academy, and has acted as the founding President since their inceptions.


Her Royal Highness established, in 2009, the Chulabhorn Cancer Center to provide specialized medical services 

to help Thai cancer patients and their families. The best supportive care includes the most advanced comprehensive diagnostic and international research-based therapeutic services, emphasizing quality of life, particularly that 

of the less advantaged sector. In 2017, the hospital was extended to provide general medical care and services as well. 

The new 400-bed Bhadramaharaj Memorial Medical Center has become a super tertiary university hospital since 2016.

Public Health

Regarding her royal duties associated with public health, Princess Chulabhorn has done superior services since 2009 as Honorary President of the Princess Mother‘s Medical Volunteer Foundation, known as the Por Or Sor Wor in Thai. She oversees the humanitarian services of the medical and public health volunteer teams dispatched 

to offer treatment and assistance to needy people, particularly those living in remote areas. 

To ensure a continuing contribution to the health and well-being of the needy, the President regularly travels 

the country giving her benevolent support to the combined units of doctors, dentists, veterinarians, and 

public health officers, while also selecting and sponsoring some patients urgently in need of special medical care 

and treatment. In many cases, the families to are the recipients of her kind assistance, 

including some cash assistance or educational grants for the young ones.


Her Royal Highness obviously extends her mercy and care to pets and animals by adopting animal welfare policies. She kindly accepted the post of President overseeing, the implementation of the nationwide government project 

for rabies prevention and control in 2016. Since then, the “Disease-free Animals, Saving Humans from Rabies Project, Following Princess Chulabhorn‘s Resolution“ has been progressing significantly in accordance with the royal leadership and policies, thus helping Thailand well on its way to becoming a rabies-free nation.


As a qualified scientist, Her Royal Highness has put forward a resolution regarding her services to the country and 

the people to advance science knowledge, research, and technologies, and to promote coordination across different sectors, improving health and quality of life. She accordingly has stressed the importance of harnessing our resources in  science and health education and training that can be translated to confront present-day challenges 

on the local and global scale.

Social and Environmental Work

In times of hardship when natural disasters strike, to respond promptly and to relieve the plight of the victims, 

Her Royal Highness provides and dispatches the most needed aid to the affected areas. Royally-granted survival kits and other essential items timely reach the affected residents, together with a medical, veterinarian, and public health services. Often she pays visits to the disaster zones to offer more moral support, and to further help the people quickly resume their normal lives. She grants them further medical treatments and expenses, cash assistance, vocational support, and children’s educational funds. Sometimes these humanitarian aids also take the form of environmental rehabilitation and conservation. The Princess‘ dedication and motivation to continue making positive changes in the lives of those most in need is truly appreciated and has helped countless lives to move on eventually.

In the aftermath of disaster situations or trouble times, Her Royal Highness grants long-term assistance focusing on the rehabilitation, reconstruction, environmental management, and development of the communities. 

Chulabhorn Research Institute is in charge of building the proper foundation to implement long-term development objectives. For the residents’ sustainable livelihoods and quality of life, a number of projects have been initiated 

and implemented by the Institute’s Office of Special Projects: 8 projects of Thub Thim Siam (or Red Sapphire) 

in eastern-northeastern provinces, 12 projects of Chulabhorn Pattana in southern provinces, Ban Nam Sai Community Project for the resettlement of the 2004 tsunami affected residents of Phang Nga province, and Chulabhorn 36 Marine Park Project for the marine ecosystem conservation in Surin-Similan Islands National Park also in Phang Nga. All these effective long-term assistances have played an important role in the social and 

economic development of the affected regions and really responded to the people‘s real needs.

Art and Culture

For many decades, Her Royal Highness has devoted herself to the scientific studies and research that 

have contributed to the country‘s development and the people‘s better living standards. 

However, as she had been keen on art as a child, she had developed many artistic skills as well, namely singing, 

music (she is a talented musician, music and song composer), drawing, painting, fabric and jewelry designing, 

and perfumery.  The creations of her artwork most admirably have been meant for the greater good, 

that is, to help the needy, cancer patients, vulnerable citizens, and even pets and animals. 

Proceeds from the sale of the artwork are donated to the public via several charitable foundations, 

including the Chulabhorn Foundation, the Princess Mother‘s Medical Volunteer Foundation, 

known as the Por Or Sor Wor Foundation, and the Foundation for Health and Care of Abandoned Animals.


Her Royal Highness has taken on an exemplary role as a pious, devout Buddhist, who constantly studies the Dharma, observes the Precepts, and upholds Buddhist virtues and principles. With her strong faith, she patronizes and promotes Buddhism by supporting the construction and maintenance work of temples and other Buddhist places 

of worship, maintaining the Sangha and their virtues, and performing regular religious and meritorious deeds connected to temples and monks. Her most noble acts of merit are obviously in rendering all types of services 

that benefit the people and in discharging her royal duties with righteousness, benevolence, kindness, 

dedication and self-sacrifice.

International Relations

Being an eminent scientist and accomplished artist who owns both charm and grace, Princess Chulabhorn 

has helped the country in promoting global collaborative activities. She has served as Ambassador of Goodwill 

and Representative of Thailand on several significant occasions. In 2002, she headed the Thai delegation in 

the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (The Earth Summit) in South Africa, 

and the Rio+20 Conference held in Brazil in 2012. To strengthen cultural ties, she hailed and promoted 

the relationship between Thailand and China by showcasing her musical skills on the guzheng, or Chinese zither, 

in as many as six music and cultural concerts.

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