Mr. Bhawat Wongkhamprai

18 Feb 2023

Name: Mister Bhawat Wongkhamprai

Office address: Translational research unit, Chulabhorn Research Institute, 54 Kamphaeng Phet 6 Talat Bang Khen, Lak Si, Bangkok 10210, Thailand
Tel: +662-5541900 ext. 2821 (office), +6692-8919544 (mobile)
Positions: Researcher scientist, Translational research unit, Chulabhorn Research Institute
E-mail: [email protected]

Research Interests
1. Biotherapeutic protein characterization
2. Mass spectrometry
3. Proteomics
4. Impurities (Mycoplasma, hcDNA) in biopharma production

Education and Degrees:
– B.Sc. in Biotechnology, Naresuan University, Phitsanulok, Thailand (2008)
– M.Sc. (Genetic Engineering), Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand (2011)

Work Experience:
– Research Scientist (2012 – 2014) Laboratory of Biotechnology, Chulabhorn Research Institute.
– Research Scientist (2015 – present) Translational research unit, Chulabhorn Research Institute.

Wongkhamprai, B., Sangsavang, K., Sriboonlert, A., Huehne, P. S. (2011). Efficiency of Agrobacterium transformation of pinene synthase gene isolated from kaffir lime in Arabidopsis thaliana. Thai Journal of Genetics 4(2), 85-93.
– Ratanasut K., Wongkhamprai B., and Maknoi S. (2011). Expression of a novel cytochrome P450, CYP76AB1 correlates with the sequential whiteblue-white colour transition of Vanda coerulea petals. Biologia Plantarum 55(2): 353-356
– Patipipat P, Bhinija K, Wongkhamprai B, Huehne P*. Molecular cloning of arsenate reductase and phytochelatin synthase genes related to arsenic response in Oryza sativa L. ssp. Indica cv. Khao Dawk Mali 105. Thai J Genet. 2014;7(1):41-50.

– Huehne P, Satayavivad J, Wongkhamprai B, Bhinija K. (2015) Identification of a tentative new species from the genetic limitation of sesame. Annual meeting of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution. (Poster presentation)
– Bhinija K, Wongkhamprai B, Huehne P. (2016). DNA marker for molecular classification of Vandoideae orchids. The 12th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference 2016(APOC12). (Oral Presentation)

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