29 May 2017

      2 Full-time veterinarians (1 Attending Veterinarian and 1 Clinical Veterinarian) has direct responsibility for ensuring adequate veterinary care and is also responsible for ensuring adequate resources to care for animals; proper methods to prevent diseases; communication regarding animal health issues; advising technical and professional staff on proper animal care and use; ensuring proper care and storage of equipment and supplies; and all other aspects of the veterinary care program. Also, the duties engage in protocol support discussion with investigators and coordinates with the veterinary technician.

      The veterinary technician and animal caretakers are available during the workday from 9 am to 5 pm. They observe the animals during feeding and/or treatment/protocol-related activities. The animals are observed at least once daily. After hours observation or treatment is done on an “as needed” basis, when there is a scheduled protocol or emergency medical attention is required.


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