Immunochromatographic test for rapid diagnosis of human pythiosis

03 Apr 2014

   Human pythiosis is an emerging and life-threatening infectious disease caused by the fungus-like organism Pythium insidiosum. It is endemic in Thailand where about 80% of the cases are reported. The disease has high rate of morbidity and mortality, due to lack of early diagnosis and effective treatment. We have developed a convenient and reliable immunochromatographic test (ICT) for rapid detection of human anti-P.insidiosum IgG, for use in early diagnosis and monitoring of pythiosis patients, resulting in saving of limbs and lives. The test kit has been mass produced for free distribution to 6 hospitals with medical schools throughout the country. This research has been published and a patent application has been submitted. In collaboration with researchers from the Department of Pathology, Ramathibodi Hospital, the ICT has been used to study the seroprevalence of P.insidiosum infection in high-risk hematological patients, and a multi-host ICT for the detection of P.insidiosum infection in human, horse and dog has been developed.



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