Dr. Nisanart Charoenlap

02 Feb 2023

Name: Dr. Nisanart Charoenlap

Office address: Research Laboratory of Biotechnology, Chulabhorn Research Institute,
54 Kamphaeng Phet 6 Talat Bang Khen, Lak Si, Bangkok 10210, Thailand

Tel: +662-5538555 ext. 3256 (office)

Positions: Senior Research Scientist 2, Research Laboratory of Biotechnology, Chulabhorn Research Institute

E-mail:  [email protected]

Research Interests

  1. Microbioloy
  2. Bacterial genetics
  3. Biotechnology
  4. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR)
  5. Environmental pollutants on AMR

Education and Degrees

  • Mahidol University, Bangkok
    – Ph.D. in Biotechnology, 2007-2009 (Royal Golden Jubilee Scholarship funded by Thailand Research Fund)
    – M.Sc. in Biotechnology, 2002-2006 (Graduate studies Scholarship funded by Ministry of University Affair and Faculty of Graduate studies, Mahidol University)
    – B.Sc. in Biotechnology, 1999-2002 (Sritrangtong Scholarship funded by Faculty of Science, Mahidol University)

Working Experiences

  • Visiting Ph.D. student at Department of Food Sciences, University of California, Davis, USA (UC, Davis) (under supervision of Prof. Chester W. PriceS.A., 2004)
  • Post doctoral Fellow at Department of Biological Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), S.A., 2007-2009 (with Prof. David B. Schauer)
  • Project Manager for One Health Drivers of Antibacterial Resistance in Thailand (OH-DART) funded by Medical Research Council (MRC), UK, 2018-2022

Academic Positions

  • Research Scientist, Research Laboratory of Biotechnology, 2009-2015
  • Research Scientist I, Research Laboratory of Biotechnology, 2016-2022
  • Research Scientist II, Research Laboratory of Biotechnology, 2022-present


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