Novel roles of SoxR, a transcriptional regulator from Xanthomonas campestris, in sensing redox-cycling drugs and regulating a protective gene that have overall implications for bacterial stress physiology and virulence on a host plant. Mahavihakanont A, Charoenlap N, Namchaiw P, Eiamphungporn W, Chattrakarn S, Vattanaviboon P, Mongkolsuk S J Bacteriol194p209-17(2012 Jan)

28 Dec 2012


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Ganihigama, D. U.; Sureram, S.; Sanghe,r S.; Hongmanee, P.; Aree, T.; Mahidol, C.; Ruchirawat, S.; Kittakoop, P. Antimycobacterial Activity of Natural Products and Synthetic Agents: Pyrrolodiquinolines and Vermelhotin as Anti-Tubercular Leads Against Clinical Multidrug Resistant Isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Eur. J. Med. Chem. 2015, 89, 1-12.
Aberrant proteins expressed in skin fibroblasts of Parkinson’s disease patients carrying heterozygous variants of glucocerebrosidase and parkin genes. Sawangareetrakul P, Ngiwsara L, Champattanachai V*, Chokchaichamnankit D, Saharat K, Ketudat Cairns JR, Srisomsap C, Khwanraj K, Dharmasaroja P, Pulkes T, Svasti J. Biomed Rep. 2021 Apr;14(4):36.

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