Luminol encapsulated liposome as a signal generator for the detection of specific antigen-antibody reactions and nucleotide hybridization. Rakthong P, Intaramat A, Ratanabanangkoon K Anal Sci26p767-72(2010)

10 Jul 2009


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Onsri, P.; Dechtrirat, D.; Nooeaid, P.; Eiad-Ua, A.; Amornpitoksuk, P.; Techasakul, S.; Taufiq, A.; Chuenchom, L. Novel Magnetically Interconnected Micro/Macroporous Structure of Monolithic Porous Carbon Adsorbent Derived from Sodium Alginate and Wasted Black Liquor and its Adsorption Performance. J. Renew. Mater. 2021, 9, 1059-1074.
Molee, W.; Phanumartwiwath, A.; Kesornpun, C.; Sureram, S.; Ngamrojanavanich, N.; Ingkaninan, K.; Mahidol, C.; Ruchirawat, S.; Kittakoop, P. Naphthalene Derivatives and Quinones from Ventilago denticulata and Their Nitric Oxide Radical Scavenging, Antioxidant, Cytotoxic, Antibacterial, and Phosphodiesterase Inhibitory Activities. Chem. Biodivers. 2018, 15(3):e, 1700537.

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