23 Jan 2015


   Most antivenoms (AVs) are obtained from the immunization of a large animal (e.g. horse) with only one single venom which resulting to the specific against only a venom, namely monospecific AVs. In case of this AVs, we need to know accurate identification of the culprit snake be bitten. Thus, misdiagnosis could lead to treatment failure and wastage of the expensive AV. To solve this issue, the production of polyspecific antivenom by the immunization with a mixture of venoms from different species of snakes would be useful. Until now, the research on venoms has been continuously developed the efficiency and high dose potency AVs by combination of conventional immunology and advances technology. Therefore, proteomic approach is required for exploration of venom profiles or investigation of the neutralizing toxin by AVs. The challenge of generating effective AVs is universal AV with coverage of all type snakes in a wide geographic area and high efficiency. Furthermore, such AVs would be produced cheaply as a result of economy of scale.



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