Punjajom, K.; Tummatorn, J.; Ruchirawat, S.; Thongsornkleeb, C. PdCl2‐Catalyzed Oxidative Cyclization of N‐(2’‐Alkynylaryl)‐1,3‐ketoamides: Synthesis of 3,4‐Diacyl‐2‐Quinolones. Asian J. Org. Chem. 2021, 10, 906–917.

01 Apr 2021

Punjajom, K.; Tummatorn, J.; Ruchirawat, S.; Thongsornkleeb, C. PdCl2Catalyzed Oxidative Cyclization of N(2’Alkynylaryl)1,3ketoamides: Synthesis of 3,4Diacyl2Quinolones. Asian J. Org. Chem. 2021, 10, 906–917.


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