CRI has been awarded “full accreditation” by AAALAC International

07 Jul 2010

The Office of Research, Chulabhorn Research Institute, undertook a project for the improvement of the facility and animal care and use program of the Laboratory Animal Unit (LAU) under the Office of Research, by applying for the accreditation of the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC International) in Frederick, Maryland, USA.  On October 15, 2008, an institutional committee, accordingly, was appointed to be responsible for the management of high quality facilities and programs for the care and use of laboratory animals in compliance with the international standards set forth by AAALAC International.

The AAALAC accreditation program evaluates organizations that use animals in research, teaching or testing.  Those that meet or excel AAALAC standards are awarded accreditation.  The accreditation helps to raise the global benchmark for animal well-being in science.  It also represents quality of good science as it promotes scientific validity.

Striving to achieve the highest international standards of quality animal care and use, the Chulabhorn Research Institute’s IACUC had been engaging in overseeing the management for the care and use of the laboratory animals (i.e. rodents : rats and mice), and in proceeding with the work related to the accreditation requirements.  These included, for example, written documents, the appointment of  the Occupational Health and Safety Committee, the improvements of the animal facility building interior, as well as the installation of a new electricity generator for back-up electrical supply.

The Committee submitted the application to AAALAC International on December 1, 2009.  On March 19, 2010, the AAALAC Site Visit Team arrived at CRI.  After the inspection, the site visitors provided a list of suggested improvements.  Therefore, further work was implemented to conform with the recommendations.  The subsequent progress was further reported to AAALAC International.

Thus, on May 17, 2010, the AAALAC Council on Accreditation awarded Full Accreditation to CRI.  CRI was commended for providing and maintaining the overall high quality facilities and programs for the care and use of laboratory animals.  The Institute is the first Thai institution to achieve this AAALAC International Full Accreditation.

More information about Laboratory Animal Unit and CRI’s IACUC please visit Laboratory Animal Unit


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