Mr. Jackapun Kwangjai

28 Jan 2023

Name: Mister Jackapun Kwangjai

Office address: Food and Drug Quality Unit, Chulabhorn Research Institute, 54 Kamphaeng Phet 6, Talat Bang Khen, Lak Si, Bangkok 10210, Thailand
Tel: +662-553-8287 (office)

Positions: Researcher, Food and Drug Quality Unit, Chulabhorn Research Institute
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: ………………

Research Interests
1. Effects of natural products on animal behavior responses relating to psychological diseases such as anxiety and depression, and Alzheimer’s disease.
2. Effects of the toxicity of natural products on both cellular and rodent levels.

Education and Degrees:
• Faculty of Science, Prince of Songkla University, 2007-2013

  • B.Sc., Biology, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand, 2011
  • M.Sc., Physiology, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand, 2013

Professional Societies (If any)
• Member: The Physiological Society of Thailand, 2013-present; Thai Association for Laboratory Animal Science, 2015-present

ORCID iD (if available):


Research Articles in International Journals

1. Cheaha, D., Issuriya, A., Manor, R., Kwangjai, J., Rujiralai, T., & Kumarnsit, E. (2016). Modification of sleep- waking and electroencephalogram induced by vetiver essential oil inhalation. Journal of intercultural ethnopharmacology, 5(1), 72–78.

2. Worasuttayangkurn, L., Nakareangrit, W., Kwangjai, J., Sritangos, P., Pholphana, N., Watcharasit, P., Rangkadilok, N., Thiantanawat, A., & Satayavivad, J. (2019). Acute oral toxicity evaluation of Andrographis paniculata-standardized first true leaf ethanolic extract. Toxicology reports, 6, 426–430.

3. Kwangjai, J., Cheaha, D., Manor, R., Sa-Ih, N., Samerphob, N., Issuriya, A., Wattanapiromsakul, C., & Kumarnsit, E. (2021). Modification of brain waves and sleep parameters by Citrus reticulata Blanco. cv. Sai- Nam-Phueng essential oil. Biomedical journal, 44(6), 727–738.


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