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Environmental Toxicology

Environmental Toxicology

Environmental Toxicology

Teacher's Guide (2002)

Introduction to Environmental Toxicology:

Chemicals in the Environment (Case Study: Anatomy of an Accident: Seveso, Italy and Dioxin Exposure)D.J. Ecobichon
Exposure to Chemical Hazards

J.H. Duffus

Environmental Distribution and Fate of Chemical Substances: A Predictive Approach

D. Calamari

Principles of Toxicology:

General PrinciplesJ.F. Borzelleca
Absorption, Distribution and Excretion (sample)R.C. Shank
Metabolism of XenobioticsR.C. Shank
Factors that Influence ToxicityJ.F. Borzelleca
Safety EvaluationJ.F. Borzelleca
Cellular Responses to Toxic InjuryR.C. Shank


Ecotoxicology: Principles and TestingD. Calamari
Environmental Quality Criteria and Management of Chemical SubstancesD. Calamari

Chemical Carcinogenesis:

Introduction to Environmental CarcinogenesisR.C. Shank
Chemical Carcinogenesis: Genotoxic MechanismsR.C. Shank
Non-Genotoxic Mechanism of CarcinogenesisM. Ruchirawat
Environmental Carcinogenesis: Case StudiesR.C. Shank

Target Organ Toxicology - Responses to Environmental Toxicants:

HepatotoxicityD.J. Ecobichon
Nervous System ToxicityJ. Satayavivad
Reproductive and Developmental ToxicologyJ.F. Borzelleca
Pulmonary Toxicity J. Satayavivad
NephrotoxicityD.J. Ecobichon
Toxicology of the SkinJ.F. Borzelleca

Pesticides and Industrial Chemicals:

Pesticides: Classification, Evaluation, Registration, Distribution and Control

D.J. Ecobichon

Mechanisms of Pesticide Toxicity

D.J. Ecobichon

Safe and Efficient Use of PesticidesD.J. Ecobichon
The Toxicity of Industrial ChemicalsJ.H. Duffus
Standard Setting for Chemical SafetyJ.H. Duffus

Risk Assessment and Risk Management:

Risk Assessment (Human Health Risk Assessment – The Process)R.A. Becker
Factors Affecting the Risk Assessment ProcessR.A. Becker
Human Health Risk Assessment of a Hazardous Waste IncineratorR.A. Becker
Risk ManagementR.A. Becker
Principles of Risk CommunicationR.A. Becker

Environmental Epidemiology:

Exposure Assessment

H. Autrup
Environmental Epidemiology H. Autrup
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