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Progress report: Anti-TB drug development by using pharmacogenomics. My research topic is involved in the anti-TB drug development by using pharmacogenomics. Pharmacogenomics, the field that emphasizes the development of novel drugs based on newly discovered genes. Pharmacogenomics will be provided tailored drug therapy based on genetically determined variation in effectiveness and side effect. Last week, I scoped my outline for this topic but it made me a huge confusion in the distinction of pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics. Now, my problem can be solved by many scientific literature reviews. I found that pharmacogenomics as a recently emerged discipline stems from the fusion of pharmacogenetics with genomics. The term comes from the words pharmacology and genomics and is thus the intersection of pharmacogenetics. My outline is also covered in application of DNA microarry for identification in genetic polymorphisms (genotyping) and gene expression because DNA array technologies provide rapid and cost-effective methods of identifying gene expression and genetic variations. But the scientific papers that refer to analysis of genetic polymorphisms or gene expression in response to anti-TB drugs by microarray technique are too limited. However, I try to search them.

Benjaphorn Prapagdee,
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Progress report: Development of anti-TB drugs by using combinatorial chemistry techniques. Until now, I have gathered many informations about the roles of rhamnosyl residue and combinatory chemistry techniques. I have still learned more about sugar libraries and how to determine the structure of active compound in combinatorial libraries quickly and efficiently. I am trying to create random diversity by utilizing available funtionalization agents, e.g., F, Cl, Br. Substituting at only 2 of the possible 5 possibles gives many compounds. I am not quite clear in Rhamnose pathway, however I will go on reading and discussing with you and Dr.Suwit. About the report, I have been writing in the introduction part of R&D of new anti-TB drugs. I will consult you if I have some problems. Nantaporn Buthbumrung

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Progress report: Conventional drug delivery of anti TB drugs (Biothai) Since, Biothai has synthesis the new drugs for anti Tuberculosis and to contribute more effectively to drug discovery process as well. An effective of a drug must be achieved at it site of action in order that pharmacological effects can be produced. The chemical nature of the drug molecule will influence the speed at which this is achieved by affecting the drug’s absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) known as pharmacokinetics. Information on how the body handles a drug in term of pharmacokinetics is essential when selecting the dose, route and form drug administration if desired effect is to be produced with minimal unwanted or toxic effect. Therefore in my study I plane to investigate the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) of our new drug. Then I will focus on the analysis of drugs in biological fluids by Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) technique. Finally the novel drug delivery system will design under its physicochemical properties and pharmacokinetics. Until now, I found many information about how to investigation of ADMS of the drug. Since, we knew only the principal structure of our product as monosaccharide. So, it’s quite difficult to find specific of reaction likes metabolism of our products. However after we discuss with Neena, we try to looking for another products that similar structure and use as a model to study our products. For AMS, I got information that, this technique is for determining isotope ratios with very high sensitivity and offers the possibility to measure attomoles of isotope labeled drugs at levels of physiological relevance in vivo.

Nukoon Tawinteung,
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Progress Report: This week I try to find out more information related to the rhamnose pathway. I got some from mahidol library,the internet and I trying to read and get understanding about it. For The next, I going to write down the report by follow the outline that presented to you last time. It will be started with the introduction and overview of the pathway, follow with the detailed mechanism about enzymes and specific inhibitors, finally summarize with the conclusion and recommendation. Now,I yet not have clearly understanding about its enzymes and inhibitors but I'll try to find out.

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Hi, This week I rewrote the abstract of my topic, which is dealing with the pharma ethics, and used a lot of time for finding more information. I found that I still confuse in my topic. I would like to change my outline a little bit from outline which I presented in class on last Tuesday. Moreover, after first person (Ms. Poranee) presented, I think I should add more information about ethics that involve with DOTS strategy into my report too. Because the ethic issues are abstract which they are not a fact that everyone agree with, It is very diffecult for me to search directly on these issues. I think that what I have in my hand is not enough to use yet. Therefore, I must find out more in this weekend. Any way, if who has any idea, suggestion or information, please let me know. I need all of your help.

Areeporn Sangcakul,
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This week I try to search the scientific paper involved in application of DNA microarray, especially involving in anti-TB drug. I found the papers involved in analysis of anti-TB drug induced alterations in gene expression in M. tuberculosis by microarray and also paper involved in comparative genomics of BCG vaccines by DNA microarray. However, DNA microarray has many applications in pharmacogenomics. For the example, DNA microarray can be used to identify the genes involved in virulence species of Mycobacterium. Next week, I try to finish my draft report and start to prepare my presentation. So, I hope I could finish my report on time and try to make it best as much as I can....

Benjaphorn Prapagdee,
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Dear colleagues, This weekend I focused my work on review the last course progress report in the year 2000. At that time the ethic issue mostly concerned on the animal testing. Why the issue mostly concern on that? Because, at the present time there are no AIDS drug as well as the vaccine launch in the commercial aspects. The innovation of the drug had to focus on the bioassay testing in the animal. As the more controversy about the anti- animal testing from vastly organization, many animal testing criteria from the organization such as U.S.EPA try to reduce the number of testing animal in each replicate. For example, my thesis, fish toxicity testing, criteria had reduced the number in each testing chamber from 10 to 5 fishes in the chamber. This is controversy because they will obtain the less accuracy and precision. But in the Anti-TB medication to the patient, there were vastly number of drugs launch into the market all over the world. There were also reported about the effects to the patient for example, the side effect to the patients that don’t want to eat the food after taking the drug. So, from the review of year 2000 course, I think that it’s definitely different in the area of the study. I’ll focus more on the case study in the medication of TB curing process. What I’ll see, I’ll tell you all. Good luck.

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Last week I had been searching for organic synthesis information. My idea is to seek for the existing organic synthesis pathway which has similar structure with one i have to synthesized then combine those information as for my own pathway. Slides presentation has been done as well. Regards, Sittisak

Sittisak Pui-ock,
8/13/2002 1:10:04 PM - ip address:

Hi everybody, This week I still searched for the information. I should finish my report today but I cannot. I feel so confuse because I am bombarded with the information. I cannot integrate all information together. Oh! What is Pharma Ethics? (Pharmacy, Pharmacist, Pharmaceutical industry, ect.). However, because of time limiting, I think tonigth I must scope my thinking, have the final resolution, and begin to write my paper report. Anyway, I'm still waiting for every suggestion. Thank you.

Areeporn Sangcakul,
8/17/2002 7:47:15 PM - ip address:

It was very interesting course and finding info. and absracting them from Journal was really interesting, however the partial access ie, only upto abstract was rather distracting. I don't know how you guys got all the info. you wanted from these abstracts only.

Suman Sharma,
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