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Graduate Diploma in Environmental Toxicology:
(operated by Chulabhorn Graduate Institute)

          The Chulabhorn Research Institute offers a diploma in Environmental Toxicology specifically designed to accommodate both students who wish to study full time and those who wish to take the course on a part-time basis. Students who attend part-time must provide evidence that their employers endorse their participation in the program. Courses are taught in modular form, with each module lasting between 2-8 weeks. Credits are earned cumulatively over a period of up to 4 years, by which time students must have completed all course requirements. A qualifying examination will be administered as the final requirement for completion of the program.
Diplomas will not be awarded until all course work requirements have been successfully completed and students have passed their qualifying examination.

          This program should be useful for government officials, both local and from overseas, who find that their current positions require them to develop additional expertise in environmental toxicology.

Course Requirements:

The curriculum consists of three types of courses with a total of 24 credits :

Integrated Life Sciences 3 (3-0)
Environmental Toxicology Core Courses  
Principles of Toxicology
3 (3-0)
Environmental Toxicology 3 (3-0)
Seminar in Environmental Toxicology 3 (3-0)
Environmental and Health Risk Assessment and Management 3 (3-0)
Elective Courses (not less than 9 credits)  
Health, Development and Environment
2 (2-0)
Environmental Economics 2 (2-0)
Detection of Environmental Pollutants and Monitoring of Health Effects 3 (2-1)
Toxicology of Industrial Chemicals and Pesticides: Occupational Health and Safety 2 (2-0)
Molecular and Genetic Toxicology 3 (3-0)
Selected Topics in Environmental Toxicology 3 (3-0)
Experimental Methods in Environmental Toxicology 2 (1-1)



Note: There are 15 teaching hours per credit


Costs and Expenses

  • Tuition Fee: 9,000 Baht (approx. 200 US$) per credit
  • Qualifying Examination Fee: 27,000 Baht (approx. 600 US$)


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