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2006: Nagoya Medal Special Award, Nagoya University, Japan

 The Nagoya Medal Special Award is presented to chemists who have greatly contributed to chemistry in the widest sense and whose work is considered outstanding. Profressor Dr. HRH Princess Chulabhorn was judged to be the most suitable recipient of the first Nagoya Medal Special Award, in appreciation of her world-wide scientific activities in her major field of natural product chemistry, organic chemistry, organic syntheses, medicinal studies of cancer/toxicology, health and environmental sciences, as well as her significant contribution in encouraging by training, enlightening and educating the researchers in Asia. Through the work of the Chulabhorn Foundation which now encompasses, in addition to the Chulabhorn Research Institute, the newly inaugurated Chulabhorn Cancer Center and the Chulabhorn Graduate Institute, Her Royal Highness has most deservedly earned international acclaim at the highest level for her vision and for her dedication to science in general and organic chemistry in particular.

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