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 Mission & Objective


"Application of Science and Technology to Improve The Quality of Life."

     The ultimate goal of CRI is to utilize science and technology to improve "Quality of Life", a concept first propounded and practice by His Majesty the King in the Royal Initiated Projects.


     Scientific progress often depends on close interaction between scientists involved in basic and applied research. Accordingly, CRI will play a key role in bringing local scientists from various academic institutes to work together, and at the same time, seek collaboration and funding from international organizations and institutes to support research and related activities.

The specific objectives of CRI are as follows :

  • To promote and conduct basic as well as applied research of national importance, in particular, that which will improve "Quality of Life"
  • To act as a centre for education and developing high caliber personnel in the field of science and technology.
  • To bring together local and foreign scientists to discuss and solve emerging problems, to promote scientific exchange, and act as a center for international cooperation.
  • To identify, catalyse and mobilize resources for research and development in science and technology.

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